Goda grannar på Istanbul biennalen

Den 15:e Istanbul Biennalen har fått titeln en god granne, något som kan behövas i den här turbulenta regionen. Årets kuratorer är den danska konstnärsduon Elmgreen & Dragset. Biennalen äger rum mellan den 16 september och den 12 november 2017 och 55 konstnärer från 32 länder deltar. 

“Your neighbour might be someone who lives quite a different life from yours. And hopefully you, unlike many politicians lately, are not the one who chooses to deal with your fear of otherness by fencing yourself off. The artists in the 15th Istanbul Biennial raise questions about ideas of home, neighbourhood, belonging and co-existence from multiple perspectives. Some of the artworks examine how our domestic living conditions and modes have changed and how our neighbourhoods have transformed, while others focus on how we cope with today’s geopolitical challenges on a micro-level. The Biennial takes its form from the invited artists’ personal or analytical statements: an engaging mixture of hopes and visions, of sadness and indignation, of history and present day.” Elmgreen & Dragset, curators of the 15th Istanbul Biennial


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15:e Istanbul Biennalens hemsida.